time.sleep() under Windows

Alex K. Angelopoulos aka at mvps.org
Fri Feb 14 20:00:02 CET 2003

In news:mailman.1042953094.12972.python-list at python.org, Tim Peters typed:
> [Tim, on Ctrl+C interrupting time.sleep() in 2.3 on Win2K]
>> ...
>> It was also enabled on Win9x, but I tested that and it caused
>> system (OS) instability there.  We're never going to know why, so the
>> ability to interrupt sleep() on Win9x was ripped out again.
> [Alex K. Angelopoulos]
>> Just a guess, since I don't know Python well enough to trace back
(irrelevancies snipped)

> That would have been a good explanation had I been telling the truth.  But
> turns out I was lying:  there was no problem letting Ctrl+C interrupt
> time.sleep() under any flavor of Windows, and 2.3 supports it.

> ...and warning that the system had likely become unstable
> (which it often was then).

So, an accurate error message from WIn9x?  That's a win anyway you look at it.

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