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Sun Feb 2 22:27:58 CET 2003

"dsavitsk" <dsavitsk at e-coli.net> wrote in message news:<ma5%9.212$PH1.115538 at newssrv26.news.prodigy.com>...
> Hi,
> I am working on several largish projects using Python (generally editing w/
> PythonWin fwiw) for the basic logic and VB for interfaces. I can see that I
> am on the verge of a meltdown, and need some soft of versioning system to do
> some experiments with my projects. Plus, I am considering switching data
> formats from pickled dictionaries to XML, but i need to keep versions around
> to support the former for at least the next few months.
> So, I am interested in whether people are using Visual SourceSafe, or if
> they are using CVS in win32, what the benefits and drawbacks are w/r/t
> Python. Also, I found a PythonWin patch from 2.1 days for supporting
> SourceSafe checkins, but no hint as to whether this was now part of
> PythonWin, or if it should be.
> I have tried a number of times to use CVS but I never had much luck getting
> started as the documentation was either a mess or not found by me.  Last,
> while VSS is expensive, my time is worth a lot to me, so if CVS takes
> forever to learn or use, that is an important consideration, although the
> same can be said of VSS.
> Thanks for suggestions,
> -doug

Yeah, the CVS documentation really sucks, in the sense that it only
makes sense when you know how to use it.  After you 'get it', it makes
more sense.

Like another poster said, you might want to check out PerForce.  VSS
has no branching capabilities, you can only rollback to a point in
time.  I had some trouble with removing stuff from VSS's control, but
I think it was really a "FrontPage Server Extensions" problem.

My only Windows CVS tip: don't even bother to try to set up a real CVS
server on a windows box.  Just use a 'local' connection to a network
drive that your team has access to (and is hopefully getting backed
up).  If you need security, control it through Windows ACL's.

c:\> M:
m:\> mkdir cvs
m:\> cvs -d m:\cvs init

and then set an environment var CVSROOT=M:\cvs

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