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Geoff Gerrietts geoff at gerrietts.net
Fri Feb 7 21:44:15 CET 2003

Quoting Peter Hansen (peter at engcorp.com):
> Geoff Gerrietts wrote:
> You said 1.5.2, but now you're talking about newer versions of the 
> interpreter.  If you really allow for the possibility of using newer
> versions of the interpreter, then weakrefs would solve your problem
> and the answer would be "it is worth avoiding cycles, by using weakrefs".

I said 1.5.2, because that's where I work, and where most of my
fluency is today, as a consequence. I'm not opposed to using newer
versions for my own projects (and it's for my own project that this
question emerged, so weakrefs are good stuff, thanks).

I remain interested as to what the "workaround" would be in 1.5.2, if
someone has a good answer.


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