module similar to Perl Net::Server

Rayed Al-Rashed rayed at
Wed Feb 5 14:53:25 CET 2003

>Well, I think you'll find that Twisted will decrease your overall complexity
>-- partly because it *is* asynchronous.  Not dealing with threads saves me
>so much time (calling deferToThread doesn't count as dealing with threads,
>because Twisted does it for you :).
May be I should give it a try, specially the DB connectivity.
I have worked with asyncore to build a chat server, it saved me the 
complexity of inter-(thread/process) communication, but it was very 

>On the other hand, event-driven asynchronous programming is a bit different
>to normal synchronous programming.
I guess this is my problem, I might need some time to think in 
asynchronous way ;)

>Out of curiousity, what sort of server are you writing?
Radius server, I already built it with SocketServer and I was hoping to 
find pre-threading module with similar interface.

- rayed

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