python weblog apps?

Sun Feb 2 23:44:26 CET 2003

On Sun, 02 Feb 2003 01:06:02 -0500, rumours say that Peter Hansen
<peter at> might have written:

>> Alternative version: "Google is the father I never had..."

>"Christos, child of the Internet.  'My mother was a servlet
>and my father was a search engine.' "

My father *tried* to answer all my questions when I was a kid, but
Google has bested him.  Now, what clients my mother could have served
before having me, that I won't dare to ponder upon (no logs available :)

And to avoid misunderstandings, I didn't believe that Peter was trying
to insult me using computer jargon...  cheers, Peter!

anyway-newsgroups-make-your-skin-thicker-ly y'rs,
TZOTZIOY, I speak England very best,
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