Python in a VS 6.0 environment?

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Sat Feb 8 02:48:28 CET 2003

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> On Thu, 06 Feb 2003 20:40:22 GMT, Brandon Van Every
> <vanevery at> wrote:
> > Can anyone who prefers a MS Visual Studio 6.0 working environment
> > on
> > the ease / difficulty of integrating Python with your C++ code?  What
> > the gotchas?  I'd like to know what tools have made the experience the
> > least
> > painful for you.
> >
> > Please, no responses like "why not switch to Emacs?" or whatever.  At
> > present, I'm not interested, I don't have the time.  The question is the
> > question.
> Try it the other way around, write your 3D code in C++, wrap it with Boost
> or SWIG and write the mainloop and your AI in Python. That's the way some
> people did it in their games after trying it the the other way around
> first. See the article at gamasutra 3 or 4 months ago (which was the
> I (re)discovered Python) for a good explanation.
> And you shouldn't burn out your brain, then don't read any documentation
> website people suggest you and just ask the questions here which sometimes
> even are in the FAQs, only because you are too lazy. (I guess there is
> bad grammar in that sentence) And you should just try out the approaches
> others suggested to you and not ask them to chew it small enough for you
> swallow.
> I guess, after that paragraph, I'm welcome to your killfile.
> Over and out
> --
> Florian Schulze

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