For review: PEP 308 - If-then-else expression

Paul Moore gustav at
Sun Feb 9 00:48:52 CET 2003

Andrew Koenig <ark at> writes:

> But what's not subjective is that several people have made statements
> of the form ``I don't need it, because I can write X instead'' and
> then proceeded to give alternatives that were just plain broken.

Actually, the usual form is ``*You* don't need it, because *you* can
write X instead'' (with an implied "I don't need it because I prefer a
style which avoids the whole issue). And unfamiliarity with the
precise details of a workaround for a problem you, personally, don't
have is not that big an issue.

BTW, please don't read this as implying that people against the
proposal feel the need to tell others how to write their code - the
"usual form" is usually a response to an argument of the form "You
must have conditional expressions, because they are necessary to write
the following". The "usual form" is basically a better explained
version of "no you don't".

Much of this discussion is basically schoolyard-level "oh, no you
don't - oh, yes you do" arguments.

There *are* no objective reasons for accepting or rejecting this
proposal. On either side.

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