OT - Python with CVS or SourceSafe

Tom Bryan tbryan at python.net
Sun Feb 2 16:05:19 CET 2003

dsavitsk wrote:

> So, I am interested in whether people are using Visual SourceSafe, or if
> they are using CVS in win32, 

Go with what you know...if you already know one of the two.  

Depending on your needs, you may want to check out Perforce at 
http://www.perforce.com/.  I believe they have an unlimited use 1 user 
server if you'd like to try it out before spending any money.  I *really* 
like their support for branching and integration (if you have a few release 
branches that you intend to support long term), and the changelist support 
is invaluable on a large team.


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