Myth: Python is ideal for beginners

pedro alvarez dickerc6 at
Thu Feb 6 21:41:16 CET 2003

>From: "Mark McEahern" <marklists at>
>To: "pedro alvarez" <dickerc6 at>,<python-list at>
>Subject: RE: Myth: Python is ideal for beginners
>Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2003 14:24:29 -0600
>If you think Python is missing tutorials for beginners, do one of the
>1) Write one and publicize it.

Okay, that is very true. Thanks for pointing it out . I can try and start 
But my point remains that people shouldnt say 'Python is ideal for

>3) Make some positive suggestion.
I have to admit i am a negative thinker, i am more likely to point
out holes than plug them. But i'll try and change my habits.

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