Static (local) Method Variables (was: can someone explain?)

Mongryong Mongryong at
Tue Feb 18 06:49:18 CET 2003

Some people have asked about how to do static (local) method variables
(like in C/C++).  Apparently, there is a simple way to do it via default
function parameters.  Consider the following example:

def append(x, list=[]):
	list += x
	return list

>>> append(1)
>>> append(2)

Now, the above isn't really a 'true' immitation of C/C++'s static method
variable implementation.  A true static method variable is created at
first call.  In Python, default parameters are created at 'import
time'.  Hence, you're not saving any 'memory space' like you would in

Note, the above only works for referencable objects and not built in
types like 'ints'.

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