Python vs. C++ Builder - speed of development

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Sat Feb 1 00:21:14 CET 2003

Andy Freeman wrote:
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>> My contention is, if your approach is incremental and architectural,
>> Python
>> does not offer any amazing payoff over C++.  Python only gives you a
>> big
>> value add when you're trying to be more spontaneous.
> The point has been clear for some time.  The problem is that the
> supporting
> evidence seems to be "I think".  Meanwhile, the folks saying that the
> point is wrong have actual relevant experience.

I don't have the Python experience.  I do have the C++ experience.  You
guys' talk of the horror and gloom and doom of C++ sounds like another
planet to me.  So clearly I'm having some kind of experience in C++ that you
are not having.  What it sounds like, is you guys blow your legs off with
all the fancy C++ stuff, because you're in group environments where people
don't know how to Keep It Simple Stupid.

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