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> One drawback of python I recently realised is that it takes away a lot of
> fun in 'other' programming languages. I programmed in Delphi on and off, for
> a few years. I only started doing python for half a year and I'm totally in
> love with it and capable of many, many more things then I can with Delphi.
> But once in a while I'd like to do something in Delphi again and after one
> day of fiddling around it frustrates me. It's no fun anymore, everything
> seems to be so obfuscated. I have to look up everything and everything and
> everything I need to do seems to include steps that seem so useless to me.
> yes, I don't know what I want with this email.... it's sort of frustrating,
> but then again... there's always someone you can go back to. python.
> cheers,
> guyon

"And you think YOU had it hard!" ((c) Monty Python (I think)). 

I occasionally have to code in VB here at Cardiff Uni as the Psych
department has "standardised" on VB, and I have to write things that
other people may modify. Ick Ick! I am tempted to go completely Python
on them, because I think there is a good chance that a newbie to the
language could learn enough in about the same time as it would take
them to understand my VB code (which isn't deliberately obfuscated).

I sometimes use Delphi too, and prefer it to VB, but nothing has yet
come close to Python of course...

Alan James Salmoni
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