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Fri Feb 14 11:36:34 CET 2003

Chad, thanks for the info.

Another dream gone :-) This looks like simply too hard to handle for me.
Mmm... maybe I've to find a totally different solution in this one... sounds
so nice, an XML standard. Just like humans in their communication. We all
use 'language' to talk to each other, just different versions of 'language'.

This plan will be long term business I'm afraid!


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> On Thu, 2003-02-13 at 20:35, Wouter van Marle wrote:
> > Major thing: how to go from XML to ps? And how about the graphics?
> Well, OpenOffice itself goes from it's XML representation to postscript
> (that is kind of the fundamental point).  Doing it separately, outside
> of openoffice, is probably crazy, unless openoffice is structured as a
> library that can do this.  (and believe me, it would probably be a HUGE
> library, if the openoffice binary sizes are any indication.) :)
> What you really should investigate is if openoffice is "scriptable"
> (other terms might be 'macros'/'templates'/etc.) and if so, could you
> make a script that could be used from within to do what you want.
> BTW. just because openoffice uses XML, does not mean that any XML using
> software understands anything amount openoffice files.  If you write a
> program that operates on openoffice XML files, it won't then correctly
> operate on Microsoft Word XML files (which may or may not exist; I have
> no idea).  Each XML using application (essentially) creates its own
> language; interoperability only occurs when multiple applications agree
> to use the same XML language, but they do not have to. (nitpickers might
> take issue with these words).
> Whatever solution you come up with will be tied to specific
> applications. (unless it just generates the cover page independently and
> sticks it directly into the postscript file)
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