"self" in a class is annoying and errorprone

Alan Morgan amorgan at Xenon.Stanford.EDU
Wed Feb 12 22:43:07 CET 2003

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Meinrad Recheis  <meinrad.recheis at gmx.at> wrote:
>^whops that was a bee's nest i went into...
>ok, i m going to accept, that python is almost petrified.

That's the case with a lot of languages.  I made a simple suggestion to comp.lang.c++
that future version of C++ include garbage collection and that a way be found to
eliminate "this", which is annoying and unnecessary.

They had the temerity to *laugh* at me.

They were almost as rude as the Lisp folks when I suggested that pointers be added
to the next version of Common Lisp and that the do away with "lambda", which is
very hard to type. 

>anyway ruby is better in several dimensions, and still willing to change 
>or improve!

So use it.  Languages can be improved by adopting features and idioms from other
languages, but just because language A doesn't have a feature from your
favorite language B does not make language A automatically inferior and the
fact that language A is unwilling to adopt one particular change does not mean
that the language is petrified. 

Defendit numerus

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