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Tue Feb 25 08:41:31 CET 2003

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> I've had some success using Expect (which is based on TCL). It redirects
> the tty of a shell session, both in and out, so that keystrokes from the
> user may be scripted, and output parsed and analysed. In other words, to
> script an interactive session.
> ...
> The good news is that there are a couple of Python implementations of
> Expect. One (the one I happen to prefer) is pure Python, and the other
> is a wrapper around the original. Do a Google for pyExpect or expectpy.
> I can't remember which is which off the top of my head.

Yeah, Google for PEXPECT -- I know because I wrote it :-)  
(with lots of good input and bug fixes from many users)

Go here to find it:

I totally respect Don Libes' Expect, but I'm
sooo glad that I don't have to mess with TCL anymore.

This sort of thing always struck me as 1980's technology, but
I'm always amazed how it comes in handy.


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