PEP-308 a "simplicity-first" alternative

Erik Max Francis max at
Thu Feb 13 08:12:28 CET 2003

Paul Paterson wrote:

> This is in fact the opposite of what I mean! Let me show by two
> examples.
> val1 = sqrt(x) or "imag" if x < 0
> val2 = lst[i] or default of i < 0
> I am defining the "normal" results for val1 and val2 as sqrt(x) and
> lst[i].

Again, your introduction of this idea of "normal" is just confusing the
issue.  Stick with "expression evaluated if true" and "expression
evaluated if false."  Defining the "normal" expression which is the
former in some circumstances and the latter in others is just adding
difficulty to an already difficult debate (it took three questions to
get a clarification on which form you were proposing).

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