Fw: Case sensitivity

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Sat Feb 22 03:00:06 CET 2003

>And so around and around we go, burning time and energy fruitlessly on a
> thread that will never give results because Guido's been frigthened by
> newsgroup's  hostility on the subject.  So it goes.

Guss I was wrong in believing you were not going to go down this road.

>  But I hope that if some beginners ARE reading this thread, and starting
> doubt of their sanity and common sense by hearing PRAISE of the wart that
> they are recognizing >as such, my words can hearten them: it IS a wart,
> you're right in disliking it, and you can "thank" attitudes such as this
> "remember to watch it" for its permanence.

Guido succumbed to evidence.  Which you will not let yourself succemb to.
Beginners don't care. The only beginners - high schoolers - who had the
nerve to post up here doing the debate, said so clearly.  Their teachers
overwhelmingly confirmed what they said. None of which speaks ultimately to
the design issue, and what Alex prefers and why he prefers it.  But it seems
incredible that you would not overcome the temptation to press the beginner

Because that's exactly were the discussion went off track Round One, and
will continue to go off track.  You know what you know from your own
experience. As I know from mine.  And if I were working with twenty did
API's a week, as you might be, I might see better your point.  Its an
advanced users issue, if its an issue at all.


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