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Lulu of the Lotus-Eaters mertz at
Sun Feb 2 09:27:32 CET 2003

Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote previously:
|>   result = map(lambda t: t.some_field, data)
|I find map very readable as well... but not lambdas.  :-)

I actually kinda agree.  Most people dread lambdas because of what they
are (the semantics).  Myself, I only have trouble with their spelling.

After looking at Haskell a bit (only a bit though, I'm no expert), the
notion of a function as just another object fully sunk in.  There's a
gestalt switch that needs to happen there... much like when I first
really "got" objects, rather than merely formally knew what they were.

But in Haskell, lambda is spelled "\".  Uncluttered (and suggestive of
the Greek letter that is missing from my keyboard).  While I admit the
Python "lambda t: t.some_field" is hard to read, I find:

    \t -> t somefield

to read quite easily.  So now my eyeballs just translate the Python
occurrences into Haskell syntax.


Yours, Lulu...

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