RedHat 8.0 Apache + Python CGI segmentation faults

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Sun Feb 23 17:33:51 CET 2003

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"Anthony Cunha" <anthony at> wrote ...
> Hello Mr. Holden,
>     I  read and enjoyed your book Python Web Programming and I still use
> for reference. To answer your question in short, No. I've built and
> implemented many RedHat 8.0 servers with Apache 2.0.44(Compiled), and
> 2.1(RPM). All the CGI scripts are written in Python and I haven't had any
> issues. I also tested these scripts on a RH8.0 build using only the distro
> RPMs for Apache and Python. Still the results were the same. Then again my
> scripts aren't the most complicated in the world but none the less they
> Python scripts. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
>                                 If you want more information on my RH8.0
> builds or the Python scripts letmeknow,
>      -Anthony
> "Steve Holden" <sholden at> wrote in message
> news:F0Q5a.80578$zL6.2341 at
> > Couldn't find anything about this in Google. A new machine is running RH
> 8,
> > and the Apache web server is working. However, attempts to run Python
> > scripts result in segmentation faults, even though the scripts will run
> > quite happily under the user "apache" identity.
> >
> > Is this a known phenomenon, or am I going to have to get the dread gdb
> out?
> > All the error log records is several segmentation faults for each
> attempted
> > CGI access.
> >


I'm glad you enjoyed "Python Web Programming". It's always good to hear from
a reader.

I wasn't using the same up-to-date installation of Apache that you are (I
was using the default 2.0.40). I think the problem might relate to Apache
bug 14692, which the reporter apparently solved by upgrading, so I'm going
to try that. It's the approach that cured problems with the Windows version,
though I installed that using an installer rather than rebuilding myself.

Thanks again for your input.

Steve Holden                        
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