Python 11 proposals deadline is February 15th!

Alex Martelli aleax at
Wed Feb 12 00:02:48 CET 2003

Guido van Rossum wrote:
> The deadline for proposals is February 15th!
> You only need to have your proposal in this week, you don't need to
> worry about trying to put together the complete presentation or
> tutorial materials at this time.
> Proposal submissions page:
> Few proposals have been submitted so far, we need many more to have a
> successful Python 11 conference. If you have submitted a proposal for

I'm following up just to underline thess points: it's IMPORTANT that
*you* submit a proposal, it's URGENT (Feb 15 deadline!), it's EASY 
(all you need is a proposal -- when it gets accepted, then you can
complete preparing the materials for your talk or tutorial -- and
the form on the above URL is easy to fill in!) -- it's also great
if your proposal gets accepted (at the very least, for a talk, you
get free entrance to all of OSCON -- a real treat!).

I know many people who have done or are doing very interesting
work, in Python, with Python, or for Python -- on this year's
OSCON theme of "embracing and extending proprietary software",
but also on issues not directly related to that -- the theme is
meant to suggest, NOT to exclude any interesting work!  I wish
I could write to each of you personally, but there's not enough
time left, so, PLEASE take this to heart: yes, your work IS
important, and it IS going to be interesting to other Pythonistas
to hear about it -- so get off your <substantive deleted> and
SEND that proposal, for Py's sake!!!


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