For review: PEP 308 - If-then-else expression

James J. Besemer jb at
Mon Feb 10 20:06:43 CET 2003

>> James J. Besemer wrote:
>> Some data:
>> A quick perusal of Python interpreter source code reveals several 
>> hundred uses of the ?: operator.
>> If it's good enough for Python, the implementation -- then it's good 
>> enough for Python, the language.

> Christian Tismer wrote:
> Great idea!
> Could you do the same statistics over the usage of switch
> statements, semicolons, {} braces, and of course MACROS ?
> With the same reasoning you can introduce every construct
> to Python. :-)

Fallacious reasoning.

Cond. expression is optional in C, as it would be in Python.  Most of the 
other constructs you mention are necessary in C, and thus there's no comparison.

Some have argued that the conditional expression construct is intrinsically 
hard to understand.  If this were true, one would expect that the right 
honorable BDFL would avoid using it in his own code.

My point is that since BDFL clearly sees fit to use it ROUTINELY in his own C 
code, then it must not materially impair readability nor be all that hard to 

Furthermroe, if you took the time to read His cited code, all are examples of 
things that one might reasonably want to do in a Python program.

> C has as much to do with Python as the machine code which
> gcc emits for the C code.
> Python's-dead--long-live-C  - ly y'rs - chris

Your response shows an IRRATIONAL prejudice against C, which I believe drives 
the bulk of the anti-PEP308 sentiment.


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