OT: clp threading?

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Mon Feb 10 06:04:42 CET 2003

>>> Martin Maney wrote
> I read clp as news.  Some folks' articles seem to be prone to winding
> up in the sump - it looks like they arrive without the references
> control line they should have, or perhaps with it mangled (truncated?). 
> I have the impression that the source of this problem may be a certain
> consumer software company's products, but never mind that.  My question
> is, does anyone know of a cure for this?

comp.lang.python is bi-directionally gated with python-list at python.org.

Mail-readers typically don't add a 'references' line, instead using
'in-reply-to'. I guess something _could_ be added to the mailnews
gateway software to extract a message-id from 'in-reply-to' as a
'references' line, if it's not present. Would this be enough? You'd
lose the earlier 'references' entries, but a news reader should do well
enough with threading if you just had the most recent 'references'
entry. At least, that's my wild guess - it's been a long time since I
screwed around with USENET.

I just tweaked my MH config to add a references line if there's a 
'newsgroups' header in the message being replied to - I'd added this 
once before, years ago, but somewhere along the line my MH config 
got nuked... but I suspect most other folks don't have the luxury of
a mailer that lets them frob headers so easily...

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