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On Tue, 11 Feb 2003 17:02:30 +1300, "Greg Ewing (using
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>Gerrit Holl wrote:
>> possible options are:
>> 	* c.l.py.help
>> 	* c.l.py.future
>> 	* c.l.py.library
>> 	* c.l.py.language
>> 	* c.l.py.misc
>> 	* c.l.py.advocacy
>> 	* c.l.py.gui
>> 	* c.l.py.platform-dependant
>> 	* c.l.py.moderated
>Please, no. I've seen this sort of split done before (e.g.
>comp.sys.mac) and it doesn't really work. It's often unclear
>which sub-group a message belongs in, or it clearly belongs
>in more than one sub-group, so you end up with huge amounts
>of cross-posting.
>Leave the group the way it is, and get used to using the
>"Mark thread as read" command! (And if your newsreader
>doesn't have one, get one that does.)

Or even a newsreader that allows you to explicitly ignore threads
completely (filtering is also good).

Backk on topic though, I agree with Greg -- splitting is a bad idea in
a case like this -- especially when the proposed spit fans out into so
many different (child) groups.

With a few filters and flagged threads, c.l.py is fine as it is.

Just my £0.02


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