[ANNOUNCE] PyKota Print Quota System for CUPS

Jerome Alet alet at librelogiciel.com
Sun Feb 9 16:36:21 CET 2003

PyKota is a centralized and extensible print quota 
system for the Common UNIX Printing System (http://www.cups.org). 

CUPS already includes an "archaic" print quota mechanism, 
however it sucks badly in terms of configurability and 
lack of features.

PyKota aims at solving this problem once for good.

PyKota is written entirely in Python, and is available under
the GNU General Public License from :


It currently features :

	- per-printer user quotas (group quotas are not finished yet)
	- automated email warning to users and quota administrator

	- command line tools which mimic the disk quota utilities 
          (but with more power)

	- internationalization (english and french for now)

	- configurable centralized quota storage backends : only postgresql
          is actually supported, but ldap is planned as well as others.
          You can centralize quotas for multiple printers and print
          servers on a single quota storage server.

	- configurable log system : actually both stderr and syslog 
	  are supported.

	- configurable printer requester : actually only SNMP is supported,
          but more will be added in the future.

	- special scripts are included for a seamless integration of
          PyKota on Debian machines.

	- documentation in DocBook format : only skeleton yet, but each
          command line utility includes complete help with examples, and
          the README file explains the installation procedure.

	- an experimental distribution mechanism (see Download link on 

Please send comments, bug reports, patches or flames to :

	Jerome Alet alet at librelogiciel.com

Thank you for reading

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