And now, for something complete different (aka OT): Alex Martelli (Re: space-efficient top-N algorithm)

Alex Martelli aleax at
Sun Feb 9 18:19:37 CET 2003

David Garamond wrote:
> So I went to trying to find out when Alex started
> actively posting again. And then I found some pretty interesting things
> ;-) Among others, the fact that Alex is going to write another book! O

<blink> sorry, but this is news to me... I mean, at some time in the
future I surely might want to try my hand at book writing yet again,
but after co-editing the Cookbook and writing the Nutshell I was
rather planning on taking a bit of a breather for a while...!

> goodie. Makes me ashamed that I haven't got myself a copy of Python
> Cookbook. (Ironically, I had been more curious about Ruby for the last
> several weeks that I spent the better time buying and reading The Ruby
> Way instead.)

Nothing to be ashamed of, methinks... Ruby is surely an interesting
language, and though I haven't yet read Fulton's book I wouldn't be
surprised to find out that it is also worthwhile.  E.g., judging
from the reviews on, Ruby Way and Python Cookbook seem
"head to head", each with seven reviews, all with ratings of 5 stars
out of 5. Still, I do think you may find the Python Cookbok also
interesting (although, of course, I _am_ biased!-).

> Good to have you back, Alex!

Why, thanks!


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