float / double support in Python?

Enrique Castro ecastro at dbbf.ulpgc.es
Fri Feb 7 14:51:08 CET 2003

Brandon Van Every wrote:
> float and double support is very critical to ease-of-use for my 3D graphics
> programming work.  How does Python fare for number crunching?  I'm not so
> much concerned with efficiency, I'm not expecting much, but rather syntax,
> universality of support on different platforms, or other headaches /
> gotchas.  For instance it's not acceptable to represent a float /double as a
> string, it has to be 4 bytes / 8 bytes.  I heard at one point that people
> were considering abolishing floating point support from the language?

Python excelence is not in low-level issues. 
If you are serius, you may look at pygame (use google)
As a 3D programmer you must know Blender. 
Ever used its [python] scripting capabilities?

If you do not like python, just don't use it. But don't trash c.l.p.


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