newbie boost building question

Mark Higgins mghiggins2003 at
Mon Feb 17 02:28:14 CET 2003

I'm trying to build boost_python on cygwin without much luck, and was 
hoping to get some help here after failing to find answers via googling.

I set all the relevant env vars (though I'm not sure what to put for 
PYTHON_ROOT, since cygwin installs bits of python all over the place), 
but still I get the following message:

$ bjam -sTOOLS=gcc
skipping Boost.Python library build due to missing or incorrect 
You can configure the location of your python installation by setting:
PYTHON_ROOT    - currently "/usr/local"
PYTHON_VERSION - The 2-part python Major.Minor version number (e.g.
                  "2.2", NOT "2.2.1")  - currently "2.2"

The following are automatically configured from PYTHON_ROOT if not
otherwise set:
     GCC_PYTHON_ROOT    - path to Cygwin Python installation; currently
     GCC_PYTHON_DEBUG_ROOT - path to Cygwin debug-python installation
                             (configured --with-pydebug); currently
     PYTHON_LIB_PATH    - path to Python library; currently
     PYTHON_STDLIB_PATH - path to Python standard library modules; currently
...found 8 targets...

That's run in <boost dir>/libs/python/build. Any ideas how I can find 
out what it's having trouble with? The error just states there's 
something wrong but doesn't elaborate, making it tough for me to track 
this one down.

Thanks for any help!

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