win32all on win95: importv win32file fails

Tim Roberts timr at
Mon Feb 17 01:52:07 CET 2003

wouter at (Wouter van Ooijen ( wrote:

>For product of mine that uses Python and win32all I get complaints
>from users on win95 that win32file can not belowded:
>>>     import win32file
>>> ImportError: DLL load failed: One of the library files needed 
>>> to run this application cannot be found
>I don't have win95 to test this, and I don't get similar complaints
>from users of other win versions. Is there anything special about
>win32all on win95?

Looking over the list of DLL imports for win32file.pyd, I note that it
requires Winsock2 (WS2_32.DLL).  I don't think that is included with Win95,
so I'll bet that's the problem.

Check here: I believe you can download Winsock2 for Win95.

BTW, here is the complete list of imports for win32file.pyd:
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