OO patterns with Python

Roman Suzi rnd at onego.ru
Mon Feb 10 21:47:57 CET 2003

On Mon, 10 Feb 2003, Tim GahnstrЖm /Bladerman wrote:

>Tough my personal opinion is that designpatterns are not the best aproach to
>learn OO. Designpatterns are a part of OO tough not an essential part.
>I think that you will be better of by creating some small OO programs before
>you jump on to designpatterns, wich I sometimes find fairly hard to grasp.

I agree. Design Patterns are good after some experimanting and practice with
2-3 real OOprojects. Then reading patterns book will make you feel that
patterns reflect your own thoughts.

Patterns are syntax, and I do not know people who learn syntax BEFORE ABC...

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