Really dumb question!

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Thu Feb 27 19:44:34 CET 2003

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> > !!Subject: RE: [python-win32] Stopping a program in PythonWin?
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> > !!Right-click on the Pythonwin icon in the taskbar, and select "Break
> > !!into running code"
> > !!
> > !!Mark.
> >
> > I was a little confused about this advice, until I realized he was
> > talking about the Pythonwin icon that appears in the taskbar tray
> > (usually in the lower right, next to the clock)
> >
> I love it when people save time by using Google. Good that you reported back
> to the group, too!
> Mike: this should do what you want, I think. I had overlooked the fact that
> you are using PythonWin, sorry.

I'm sorry, I guess I wasn't clear.  We've got version 2.2.2 on a
Windows machine and are running it via Idle 0.8.  I don't know what
PythonWin is (but I'll look it up).  I don't have the icon you speak
of.  If PythonWin is the recommended way to run Python on Windows (as
opposed to Idle), then I'll go ahead and set that up.
> Hope your son enjoys turtling!

Last night we plotted some straight-line images right out of his math
book assignments, then we changed their sizes and colors and
orientations by changing a few constants in the display code.  Very

It's also interesting to me as Python is my first non-statically-typed
language.  Very loosey-goosey!  Not bad, just different!


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