Set data structure..

Lexy Zhitenev zhitenev at
Wed Feb 19 15:02:23 CET 2003

"Alessio Pace" <puccio_13 at> wrote:
news:uSL4a.20711$uA5.509282 at
> Hi, I am a python newbie, so this could be a silly question:
> I need a Set like data structure, I just see list and dictionary as
> built-in. Should I use one of those for my set purpose(I was thinking
> using a dictionary giving meaning only to the keys, but it seems a waste
> space for large inputs) and if so, which one has better access performance
> to check if an element is in the set? Thanks!

I can't think of specialized Set classes, but I don't think that you're
gonna use very large sets. Then, the dictionaries is what you might wish.
The lookup of the keys is far faster than from lists.


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