For review: PEP 308 - If-then-else expression

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Mon Feb 10 23:25:42 CET 2003

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Paul Moore  <gustav at> wrote:
>I think you've persuaded me that the only meaningful process (in the
>sense of having a chance of having the people who lose accept their
>defeat) is to have a vote on a specific proposed syntax. That syntax
>needs to be agreed *before* the vote. I'd suggest you have a 2-stage
>1. Reach a conclusion on a syntax to put into PEP 308. This debate
>   must have a very hard deadline imposed, or we never get
>   anywhere. The agreed syntax becomes the official position of PEP
>   308, and all other proposals are included in the PEP and noted as
>   "rejected by the community". If no clear winner can be achieved,
>   PEP 308 remains as it stands (with Guido's "expr if cond else expr"
>   syntax), and *all* the proposed syntaxes are put in the PEP and
>   noted as rejected by the community.
>2. Vote on the (possibly modified) PEP 308. A simple yes/no
>   vote. Tally the counts and hand them to Guido. (If you want to
>   summarise them as yes/no/undecided, then set required majority
>   levels, but to some extent that's just another chance for people to
>   complain).

That makes sense to me, but it seems to bias the process against
conditional expressions.  <shrug>  But if the people who want
conditional expressions approve of this approach, it's fine with me.
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