PEP 308: Alternative conditional operator forms

Erik Max Francis max at
Wed Feb 12 03:06:41 CET 2003

Laura Creighton wrote:

[restoring attribution]
> Erik Max Francis wrote:
> > The "don't care" camp is _going_ to get underrepresented in any
> > vote, so
> > the question is what value or relevance should abstentions should
> > have
> > in the process.
> That isn't your decision.  Otherwise we get government by 'the league
> of concerned citizens' (unless the ad-hoc-vigillante posse of
> unconcerned citizens tosses the aforementioned concerned citizens into
> the moat).

Golly gee, Laura, I don't ever recall stating that anything at all here
was _my_ decision, and in fact I explictly recall stating _several
times_ that I am more than happy with any voting process that everybody
agrees upon -- including all the potential "don't cares."

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