Python, Tkinter, and Threading

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Tue Feb 18 05:17:19 CET 2003

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Marc <losnations at> wrote:
>Therefore, let's get concrete:
>> what are the examples of "back-end processing" of most
>> importance to you?  Database retrievals?  Invocations of
>> external processes?  Long-running pure-Python methods?
>> --
>Nothing special really. I have several applications that all do different
>things. Most interface with test equipment and manipulate them in various
>ways. The user inputs the data and input files and the program goes off and
>does it's business with status fed back to the gui. Of course in order to
>maintain control and update the gui, all of these subordinate tasks need to
>be spun off in separate processes to share time with the main gui thread.
>Otherwise, the gui won't update until the very end.
Maybe not.  Are you familiar with Tkinter's update(),
and/or the asyncore module?

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