Hard to find bugs, misleading exceptions

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Tue Feb 25 14:03:24 CET 2003

"Létezõ" <letezo at fw.hu> wrote in message
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> I've installed pychecker ( http://pychecker.sourceforge.net ). It's a very
> useful tool that pointed out about 7 previously undetected bugs in 100k
> python source code in 1 minutes. It's a great tool, very affordable!
> You can integrate pychecker into the Windows version of SciTE by adding
> following lines to your global or user configuration (properties) file:
> command.name.0.*.py=PyChecker
> command.0.*.py=C:\Python22\Scripts\pychecker.bat $(FilePath)
> This adds a Tool menu option to check the python source code in the
> window. Modify the path of pychecker.bat accoring to your installation.
> Anyway, PyChecker did not find the bug related to a missing comma
> below, so I'll suppose a check in PyChecker to point out this sort of
> mistake.

Useful feedback. I'm appropriately surprised :-)  It probably would be a
useful check, though how easy it would be to build in I have little idea so
I won't waste time speculating.

Glad it helped!

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