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Sun Feb 23 17:31:35 CET 2003

> Mike Meyer fed this fish to the penguins on Saturday 22 February 2003
> 04:34 pm:
>         Ah well, I don't mean to sound like ARexx is the be-all/end-all
> of
> languages... Just a case of reminiscing; for something available in
> 1990, on a machine that most folks ignored as a toy, it was a very
> powerful system. Sorry to drag this out...

But the Amiga was positioned as a toy since the beginning. There was a
belief at the time that personal computers were going to be the next big
thing at *home*. But the office market exploded first, and IBM was better
positioned at that. BTW, that's all a question of perception, not reality,
because in theory the Amiga could have been positioned differently... but
I doubt that the professional market would buy a machine that supported
multimedia at *that* time. Managers would then worry about what would
employees do - play games, listen to music... that was before the 'Net
btw... now they have different stuff to worry about.

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