Newbie question - Python mode in SciTE ?

Henri Chorand henri at
Sun Feb 2 23:21:53 CET 2003

>>Let me know what you think about it. Unless I find a SciTE expert, I
>>guess I'll have to contact the author, and it'll end up in a new item in
>>the FAQ ;-)
>    Well eventually the author gets his morning fix of ;-)

Oh well :-)
Surprise, surprise.

>    You can either copy the .properties files to the standard location (IIRC
> /usr/share/scite, but I could be wrong) or set up a SciTE_HOME environment
> variable to point to the properties files.

Forgive me if I prefer to wait until you check this.

>    Mmm. it looks like one of the pieces of documentation is wrong as it says
> /usr/local/share/scite. I'll work this out and fix it.

Great. I'll come back to your site soon.

>>Instead, when I try selecting the first one, I'm getting the following
>>error message:
>>Could not open file '/home/henri/(my folder)/'.
>    Your own directories won't have local SciTE properties files yet. After
> the message you have an empty buffer with the right file name. If you type
> some settings in and then save it then these settings will be active for
> that directory.

Yes, this is what I understood. It's only that I wanted to avoid 
deleting useful default variables setup - I should not need much in 
terms of customization apart from setting the programming language.

What would be the best (clean) way to define my SciTE_HOME environment 
(where and how)
(now this IS a newbie's question...)
Or do you suggest me to wait for the release where it'll be fixed?

Many thanks for your clear explanations and kind feedback.


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