Newbie: anything resembling static?

Nick Vargish nav at
Wed Feb 12 00:12:07 CET 2003

phil at (Phil Rittenhouse) writes:

> I'm thinking about something like a function to send a byte out
> a serial port.  The first time it's called it needs to initialize
> the UART, but after that it doesn't.  

This problem is exactly where classes will help:

class SerialPort:
    __shared_state = {}
    def __init__(self, address):
        self.__dict__ = self.__shared_state
        self.initialized = False
        # other stuff to set up the serial port
    def send_byte(self, x):
        if not self.initialided:
    def initialize(self):
        # initialize the UART
        self.initialized = True

> If you used this function the way you might use print() for debugging 
> purposes, it might be called in hundreds of places in a large project.
> If you wrapped it in a class, you'd have to take care of creating the object
> before anyone calls it and sharing that object around somehow so everyone 
> can access it. 

That's what the __shared_state bit is all about. It's a "Borg" object;
each time you instantiate a SerialPort object, it will be the same



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