The sprit of this newsgroup!

Larry wrbt at
Fri Feb 21 23:06:27 CET 2003

Great thread. I learned (oops am learning, never done learning!)
Python from tutorials and this very newsgroup over the past 18 months.
Python is now easily the main language I code in at work, and we've
got production systems flying well that are almost 100% Python.

The few road blocks I've come across that required support from the
community (usually win32 related issues or SQL Server stuff) have been
addressed quickly in here by guru types who really seem to be proud of
this language and want others to appreciate it and it's ability to
implement a solution elegantly.

Maybe someday I'll be able to contribute more in here (usually when I
see a thread I could help on there are already 23 replies ranging from
simple solutions to intense discussions of Big O this and that) and
give a little back.

Kudos to all you guys. This community drives Python IMO.

- Larry

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