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Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at
Sat Feb 22 02:52:41 CET 2003

Actually, most bots (except certain cantankerous older ones) operate on 
a strict code of ethics that means they would never take advantage of a 
newbie to satisfy their more oily cravings.  There has been a lot of 
study on this facet of bot society by the various multi-temporal 
sociology studies.  

Preliminary studies suggest that the development of the time machine 
itself may be linked to a bot trying to satisfy these urges by snatching 
an earlier version of itself to act as an oiler.  Other studies have 
hinted that the whitespace-eating nano-virus may originally have been an 
oiling-transmitted disease among the bot community before it's horrible 
mutation.  Ominous indeed if newbies are become oiling-ly involved with 
bots out of simple gratitude!

Oh, won't somebody please think of the newbies!

Anna wrote:

>>>Bots are far too busy computing to pay attention to threads populated by
>>>humans.  Thanks roll off them like drunks on a balancing beam.
>>>150-proof-oil-makes-a-bot's-day-though-ly y'rs  - tim
>>but-who-do-you-get-to-squirt-it-where-you-like-it-ly y'rs  - steve --
>Grateful newbies?
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