Is Zope overkill?

Roger haaserd at
Wed Feb 5 18:44:25 CET 2003

o maj wrote:

> Hello, i want to build dynamic sites for small businesses, maybe
> little e-shop, catalog etc, sometimes connected to mysql.
> I was informed to try zope, but upon investigation,
> i ended up wondering whether zope was only for large companies,
> organizations etc.
> Basically, i just want something as simple as asp to use, with lots of
> documentation and support available. But i dont like using vb with
> asp.
> So, the question is, is zope overkill for my needs?
> Or should i go back using asp with vbscript ?

My experience with Zope is dated, I last looked at it 2 years ago.  I am 
basically a retired computer hobbiest with my last formal training in 
the 70's. When I first downloaded Zope, I struggled with it for a week, 
rested for a month, and then struggled with it for another month 
(perhaps 10 - 20 hours per week).

My conclusion was about the same as the one you have already formed, 
Zope doesn't have much to offer for a one person shop.  I found a 
reference to Webware on this newsgroup and have been using it for about 
2 years.

If you don't control the server your applications will run on, be aware 
that Webware/WebKit requires (well, there is OneShot) a long running 
process.  This may be a problem if your application will be running on a 
third party server.

Roger Haase

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