Bug in distutils (Python 2.2.2)

Kevin Smith Kevin.Smith at sas.com
Wed Feb 19 01:47:14 CET 2003

I am seeing a discrepancy between distutils in Python 2.2 and Python 2.2.
2.  The following code in 2.2 installs the listed packages as well as 
all files with a '.py' extension in the current directory.  In 2.2.2, 
only the packages are installed.  The '.py' files are ignored.  Is this 
change in behavior expected or is this a bug?

from distutils.core import setup
   name = 'Application',
   extra_path = 'Application',
   packages = ['UltraConfig','UltraConfig.Parsers','UltraConfig.Options'],

Kevin Smith
Kevin.Smith at sas.com

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