IDLE and Pythonwin Keep Crashing

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Wed Feb 19 20:15:12 CET 2003

I ran into a similar problem trying to run a PyOpenGL program from within
pythonwin, so I wrote this script which can be run from the Pythonwin tools
menu to execute programs in an external process.

Put the attached script in site-packages\Pythonwin\pywin\framework and add
these commands to your Pythonwin options->tools menu:
    Run Externally:                        from pywin.framework import
runextern; runextern.run_c ()
    Run Externally (no console):    from pywin.framework import runextern;
runextern.run_w ()
    Debug in IDLE:                       from pywin.framework import
runextern; runextern.debug ()


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> > From: Luke McCarthy [mailto:luke at]
> > Sent: Wednesday, February 19, 2003 10:40 AM
> >
> > When I run a program that uses wxPython from within IDLE or
> > Pythonwin, after I have closed the program and go back to the
> > editor, pressing the backspace key crashes the editor.
> > I thought it strange that it happens to both editors
> > in exactly the same way.
> >
> > Any ideas? Is this a known bug?
> >
> > Luke McCarthy
> > luke at
> >
> Different GUI libraries shouldn't mix, else something
> like what you describe happens.  It isn't the backspace
> key which is triggering the crash, but when you run
> a wxWindows app from within Idle or PyWin, the process
> is left in an unstable state, so anything might make
> it die.
> The solution would be to run your app from without
> your preferred editor environment, so that it'll
> run in a different process space.  Another solution
> would be to use an IDE which runs applications
> in another process, and not within it's own
> (both methods have it's pros and cons).
> Is there a wxWindows-based IDE you might be able
> to use?
> Another is to keep a shortcut to your app on the
> desktop and click it when you want to run it,
> instead of using the editor's <run> facility.
> Hope this helps.
> -gustavo

begin 666
M4%E42$].(#T@<WES+G!R969I>" K("=<7'!Y=&AO;BYE>&4G#0I0651(3TY7
M(#T@<WES+G!R969I>" K("=<7'!Y=&AO;G<N97AE)PT*#0ID968@<G5N7V,@
M*"DZ#0H@(" @9FEL92 ]('-C<FEP='5T:6QS+D=E=$%C=&EV949I;&5.86UE
M("@I#0H@(" @;W,N<W!A=VYL("AO<RY07TY/5T%)5"P at 4%E42$].+"!0651(
M3TXL(&9I;&4I#0H-"F1E9B!R=6Y?=R H*3H-"B @("!F:6QE(#T@<V-R:7!T
M=71I;',N1V5T06-T:79E1FEL94YA;64@*"D-"B @("!O<RYS<&%W;FP@*&]S
M+E!?3D]704E4+"!0651(3TY7+"!0651(3TY7+"!F:6QE*0T*#0ID968 at 9&5B
M=6<@*"DZ#0H@(" @9FEL92 ]('-C<FEP='5T:6QS+D=E=$%C=&EV949I;&5.
M86UE("@I#0H@(" @;W,N<W!A=VYL("AO<RY07TY/5T%)5"P at 4%E42$].5RP@
M4%E42$].5RP@<WES+G!R969I>" K('(G7%1O;VQS7&ED;&5<:61L92YP>7<G
/+" G+60G+"!F:6QE*0T*

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