"More data is available" Error With _winreg Module

John Abel john.abel at pa.press.net
Mon Feb 10 12:09:10 CET 2003

I have a patch for _winreg, that I'm currently testing with the 2.2.2 
source.  If that works OK, I'll make the changes to the CVS source.  How 
do I submit it when I'm finished?



Mark Hammond wrote:

> John Abel wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've had a little more time to look at this.  As documentation is a 
>> little scarce for _winreg, I downloaded the Python source from CVS, 
>> to have a look at _winreg.c.  From what I can tell, PyQueryValueEx, 
>> and PyEnumValue don't seem to allow for extending the buffer passed 
>> to RegQueryValueEx.  When RegQueryValueEx is called on 
>> HKEY_PERFORMANCE_DATA, it can/will return ERROR_MORE_DATA if the 
>> buffer is too small, as would seem to be the case with my error message.
> Correct.  These modules have never worked with the perf data keys.  
> Note that win32pdhutil can extract performance data.
> A patch to _winreg would be welcomed.
>> Just as an aside, I've been playing with modifying _winreg.c, but for 
>> some reason I can't compile it.  When I build the pythoncore, the 
>> linker fails with "unresolved external symbol _inititertools".  
>> Anyone seen that, or is it something I'm doing?  I'm using 
>> VisualStudio6.
> I'm guessing you somehow have a source mismatch.  I've never seen this 
> error, and it still builds fine for me today with a fresh CVS pull.
> Mark.

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