How can I call a dll "inside" another process?

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Sun Feb 16 13:48:39 CET 2003

Nomad wrote:
> Yeah, the trouble is that I want to cross the process boundary.  Mike
> Basically, all I need initially is to call a couple of "remote"
> functions and get back the results -- nothing too complex.  I just
> need a little guidance to boot me off in the right direction ;-)
> TIA for any URLs and pointers.

Jeffrey Richter, Advanced Windows, Third Edition (Microsoft Press, 1997, 
ISBN 1- 572-31548-2)

This IS an advanced text -- you need to understand Windows programming
pretty well before you tackle it, if you want to really profit from it.
("nothing too complex", *HAH* -- this SHOWS you have a way to go...: in
Win32 API-level programming, *EVERYTHING* is "too complex"!!!).  It's
also an excellent text; entirely focused on C/C++ usage, but once you
do get the concepts, using them in Python (with win32all or calldll and
the like) is also quite feasible.


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