which Python XSLT module?

Brian Quinlan brian at sweetapp.com
Wed Feb 5 18:43:16 CET 2003

> We have to translate a couple of XML documents to various other
> formats.  XSLT seems good for this.  Is there Python support for XSLT
> that works out-of-the-box?

Hmmmm. Are you asking if Python has support for XSLT out of the box? It
doesn't. Or are you asking if there are Python XSLT modules that "just
work"? There are.
> After installing pyxml and doing "import xml.xslt" as some examples
> suggest I get an error already...its a shame because their xmlHOWTO
> document looks good (but does not dive into xslt), and good documents
> are usually a sign of good modules.  Somebody suggested "4Suite" but
> others reported many errors and installation problems with that.  What
> is the current status?  What library or module should I look at?  I
> have been searching c.l.p. and other internet resources but could not
> find something decisive.  What do you use?

What are your requirements (i.e. do you need extension functions, the
ability to install entity revolvers, transform to DOM, etc.)? What
platform are you using?


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