declaration of variables?

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Tue Feb 25 04:07:42 CET 2003

Christian Tismer <tismer at> wrote:
> jcm wrote:
> ...

>> And these unit tests are likely written in Python, and have the same
>> quirks as the programs they're testing.

> You sound like you've never written a unit test in your life,
> otherwise you would not move yourself in such a questionable
> corner.
> Unit tests are so much easier to test than your application,
> and proving a program to be wrong is so much easier than
> to prove it being right!

I've written quite a few (and I don't feel like I'm in any corner).
I'm just pointing out that unit tests are themselves programs.

>> Certainly tests are extremely useful, although if you're script is
>> small/simple enough, I think it's reasonable to go without.

> Please show me code that doesn't need unit tests.
> Either is is smaller than 100 lines, or it has bugs
> in its first implementation.

Yes, it's small programs of this sort that I claim often
understandably go without unit tests.

> Try to prove me wrong, without cheating! -- chris

I don't think we disagree.

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