Anybody working on a PEP308 summary?

Erik Max Francis max at
Sun Feb 9 06:48:20 CET 2003

Christian Tismer wrote:

> This PEP enforces us to decide whether we want it
> this way, or to shut up forever.

I doubt that very highly.  If the PEP gets accepted and implemented,
people who objected to it will continue to complain about how obnoxious
they think it looks.  If it gets rejected and is even decreed never to
be considered again, it will still get brought up repeatedly, because
people want that functionality and want to know how to get facsimiles of
it in Python.

Of those two camps, by the way, I'd pay more attention to the latter. 
It's in the FAQ, it's discussed routinely (even before the PEP,
obviously), acceptable alternatives are constantly exchanged back and
forth (each noticing their tradeoffs to accuracy, complexity, and
readability), and experienced programmers new to Python will still ask
about it.  That means that lots of people want it.

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