"self" in a class is annoying and errorprone

Gonçalo Rodrigues op73418 at mail.telepac.pt
Wed Feb 12 12:17:00 CET 2003

On Wed, 12 Feb 2003 11:30:15 +0100, Meinrad Recheis
<meinrad.recheis at aon.at> wrote:

>hello everyone,
>I think it must be possible to change python so that self can be omitted 
>inside a class
>	# except for some reasons like this:
>	__init__(""" i dont like this self """ self, x)
>		self.x = x    # here self is useful
>self is simply annoying.
>(why allways need self as first parameter?? the interpreter could mask 
>that for us)
>self is prone to be forgotten!! leads to potential scope errors
>would make source code shorter, and more beautiful
>shouldn t that be discussed for the sake of PYTHON?

This has been discussed to death. Look up the FAQ. Google is your
friend. Extra bonus if you can read *all* that has been written on the

>- Meinrad

All the best,
G. Rodrigues

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