PEP 308: "then" "else" for deprecating "and" "or" side effects

Michele Simionato mis6 at
Sat Feb 15 14:03:27 CET 2003

Erik Max Francis <max at> wrote in message news:<3E4DA919.6FDE5D8F at>...
> Sean Ross wrote:
> > Actually, he does mean "x when C else y",  not "C when x else y"...
> Oh, okay, then I withdraw my objection.  Note that `when' as an
> alternative to `if' in the original `x if C else y' form was one of the
> first additional alternative suggested.

Yeah, and I think Sean was the first one who proposed it, 
whereas I was one of the first supporters. Unfortunately, 
it seems that most of the people don't like the order, 
that's why now I am supporting my second choice,
"C then x else y", but still I think 
"x when C else y" was better...


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